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World Premiere for New Kia Pro_cee’d at 2012 Paris Motor Show

Kia will reveal the third instalment of its second-generation cee’d family, the all-new pro_cee’d three-door hatchback, at the Paris Motor Show on 27 September. The car is expected to go on-sale in the UK in spring 2013. The new pro_cee’d features all the revisions […]

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Nissan’s TeRRA Forms New Zero Emission SUV Concept at 2012 Paris Motor Show

The Nissan TeRRA SUV concept, to be unveiled on 27 September at the Paris Motor Show, combines an SUV with an EV. “Our challenge was to take Nissan’s strength in SUVs and crossovers forward into the zero-emissions era, fuel cells being our new frontier […]

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Full Story: Peugeot ‘Onyx’ Supercar Concept

Quasar, Proxima, Oxia, 907 … Peugeot’s supercars have a considerable history. Now, in 2012, the marque is creating a supercar of the 21st century: the Onyx. Sculpted using materials processed as little as possible, this supercar has been created by enthusiasts who have drawn […]

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Peugeot Reveals 2008 ‘Crossover’ Concept

Targeting the B segment, Peugeot has extended its traditional position with a new, all-encompassing approach. So, the 208 was designed in accordance with a goal to re-generate the small hatchback. It went on sale in Europe at the end of March 2012, and in […]

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Volvo Launches the V40 R-Design

Volvo will be launching the new Volvo V40 R-Design at the 2012 Paris Motor Show. “The V40 R-Design is designed around the performance minded individual with a passion for those things that add extra spice to life. The meticulous attention to detail covers the […]

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