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Alauda Unveils ‘World’s First Flying Car’

Aussie tech firm Alauda has unveiled the “Airspeeder mk3”, the latest iteration of its remotely-operated flying car. Technically an electric vertical take-off and landing vehicle, or “eVTOL” for short, the car is claimed to achieve speeds of over 75 mph and will compete in […]

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German Aerospace Center Unveils Fuel-Cell Powered Concept Car

Germany’s national space agency and research centre, which is commonly known by its German acronym, DLR, has unveiled a new hydrogen fuel-cell powered concept car. Technically an L7e-class vehicle – in other words a heavy quadricycle – the 450-kg two-seater is envisioned as a […]

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New GMC Hummer EV Revealed

GMC has unveiled the all-new Hummer, which will become the American brand’s first fully electric vehicle when it hits roads in 2022. The revived nameplate will get its energy from parent company General Motors’ all-new “Ultium Drive” battery tech that is claimed will enable […]

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Lamborghini-Designed Speed Boat Unveiled

Luxury yacht builder The Italian Sea Group has revealed a new boat designed by Lamborghini. Measuring 63 feet long and weighing in at 24 tons, the limited edition vessel – named “Tecnomar for Lamborghini 63”, in reference to the Italian supercar manufacturer’s 1963 foundation […]

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Italy’s Icona Design Group Unveils ‘Fibonacci’ Electric Yacht Concept

Turin-based design company Icona has this week revealed a new boat concept dubbed “Fibonacci”. With a form inspired by the shape of a piano, the all-electric catamaran adopts an asymmetrical architecture that the designers say will deliver “a completely new experience on the water”. […]

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