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New Lexus Spaceplane Revealed

Lexus has unveiled the “QZ 618 Galactic Enforcer” – the first in the Japanese brand’s new jet-class fleet. Morphing from a 2020 Lexus RC F sport coupe (pictured below) into a powerful “IFO”, or Identified Flying Object, the spaceplane is powered by advanced hybrid […]

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Lexus Goes Sci-Fi with Futuristic Spaceship Concept

Lexus has announced the formation of a creative partnership with EuropaCorp, the Paris-based film studio founded by the director, screenwriter and producer Luc Besson. One of the early outputs of this collaboration will be witnessed in the new science fiction feature Valerian and the […]

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VIDEO: Audi’s Science Fiction Concept Car Premieres in LA

It’s premiere time for the Audi fleet shuttle quattro – the futuristic Audi can now be seen in cinemas in the movie “Ender’s Game”. A scaled-down size of the sci-fi car recently got the red carpet treatment during the movie’s official premiere at the […]

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Marvel Comics Seeking Electric Bike to Star in Superhero Movie

Marvel is on the lookout for a “techno-futuristic” electric motorcycle, which the entertainment company says it intends to use in an upcoming feature film. The famous US comic-book and film maker contacted the UK’s Motorcycle Industry Association (MCI), explaining that the film is scheduled […]

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2012 LA Design Challenge: Highway Patrol Vehicle for the Year 2025

2011 Entrant: Subaru Horizon concept by Subaru Design Tokyo Studio The pace of change in society accelerates every year, with breakthrough technologies and rapidly developing countries constantly rewriting the rules in a global economy. How this translates into life on the road for the […]

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