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U.S. Pick-Up Truck Sales Boom Sees Return of Ford Ranger

The all-new 2019 Ford Ranger has been revealed this week at the Detroit motor show. Even though the Ranger has been on sale in the UK since 2012, it is being relaunched in the U.S. following a hiatus of nearly eight years. Ford says […]

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Acura RDX Prototype Previews Design of New Production Model

Honda’s ‘luxury’ sub-brand in the USA, Acura, has revealed the RDX Prototype at the 2018 Detroit Auto Show, providing a first look at the new design of a five-passenger SUV, which is set to launch later this year. The 2019 Acura RDX, presaged by […]

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Lexus ‘LF-1 Limitless’ Concept Previews New Luxury SUV

Lexus’ new LF-1 Limitless concept, revealed this week at the Detroit motor show, has been created to preview a future flagship crossover model. “Like molten metal being forged into a fine Japanese sword” is how the designers at parent company Toyota’s CALTY design studio […]

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‘Xmotion’ SUV Concept Signals New Design Direction for Nissan

Nissan’s Xmotion SUV concept, which has just made its world debut at the Detroit motor show, signals a new design direction for 2020 and beyond for the Japanese manufacturer. Mixing “American utility with Japanese craftsmanship” according to its designers, the concept car features strong hints […]

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Infiniti Previews Future Design Direction with ‘Q Inspiration Concept’

Infiniti has revealed its new Q Inspiration Concept at the 2018 Detroit Auto Show. Created under the watch of ex-BMW designer Karim Habib, the concept car’s exterior is the first manifestation of Infiniti ‘s new form language for an era of so-called “advanced powertrains” […]

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